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*By Sabiiti Herbert  To my dear Gallant Youths on African soil, This is my second open letter to you, it comes with nothing less than a profound heart; I could say this in a thousand ways but the nucleus remains that the time is ripe for your mark. Time is now to flourish in our motherland, time is now to make a new agenda for Africa. You have been manipulated enough by selfish individuals in all spheres of leadership, say “arise and takeover Africa”. Let not the classic saying “you’re the leaders of tomorrow” lead you down the path of deception. I come here to encourage and assure you that your tomorrow is now!  I plead with you to take the burden of creating a new Africa in your heart, mind, and soul. It is not for the faint-hearted but with your determination, you will reach the topmost top. The top is where you belong, work for it!  Like I have mentioned previously, here are a couple of punchlines that may help as you walk this journey to the top; Purpose Ever made an effort to identify your purpose on earth? Why you still breathe when the sun comes out every single day?  We used to think player number 5 on a football pitch plays everywhere, oh wow, how wrong we were! See, you can’t be at every mountain top, you need to know where to concentrate and serve better with undivided attention. If you discover where God wants you to serve in your family, your small town back home, your country, and subsequently Africa as a whole, then you focus your energy, mind, resources to develop yourself into that exceptional leader you dream to be. If you do that, you become a rare species and everyone will be looking for you.  Character Purpose to work on your character, the world runs on wheels that need reliable persons with integrity to make it a better place. Why opt for short-term gains that ultimately ruin your future; from stealing to the use of abusive language directed to people on social media? I’ve seen youth abuse not only political leaders but also religious leaders with the filthiest of words; Language and diction are not fit for a leader, am not saying you should not disagree or that you should be a yes yes person but I believe we can agree to disagree in principle and in a respectable manner.  Education You (will) need both formal and informal education on this road of preparation for leadership. If it necessitates you to go for further studies, please do that. Remember where we started; Know where you can serve better, so don’t go for further studies without an end purpose.  You may attend online courses, read books from different authors, and all useful available information across the digital divide. I try to keep these insights short (this is relative?) so I’ll crown by challenging you to prepare and take over Africa beginning right from where you’re. Your family, your home town, your college, country & Africa as a whole need you in all areas of influence. From business, spiritual affairs, media to education & the political scene. Attach value to yourself, don’t buy in to be taken for a ride by selfish religious, political, or business leaders, some want to just use you, cripple your leadership limbs & wings. Do not be negatively influenced by social media, but rather use it to build your personal brand. Stay calm and focused.  Africa needs you today like never before.  Ask God for wisdom like King Solomon did and keep the African hope Alive, don’t give up! God bless you.*#Youngandflourishing*sabiiti10@gmail.com

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